Snow Leopards of Leafy London

Temperamental artist!

Temperamental artist!

Filmed, Produced / Directed & Presented

A short clip from Animal Planet’s 7 part series Snow Leopards of Leafy London.

Introducing you to the world of Dr Terry Moore and the Cat Survival Trust. For me, getting involved is one thing, just stepping back and watching his delightful relationship with big cats is another.

At the Cat Survival Trust nothing is wasted – including a deceased wallaby! The team cannot afford to be sentimental as for them and the cats – it’s meat.

It’s a critical time here as the stunning female snow leopard Irbis is expecting her third litter of cubs any day now!

Snow Leopard: Paws for thought

Snow Leopards of Leafy London¬†documents a roller-coaster 16 months in the company of one of the world’s most enigmatic cats and peeks into their secret world.