Adrian Cale interviews Will Travers (Born Free Foundation)

It was a great pleasure to host a studio interview with Will Travers OBE about his life, work, inspiration and passion behind The Born Free Foundation.

Will Travers said upon receiving his OBE:

“These are challenging times, when we are in danger of losing sight of the threat faced by wild places, wild species and wild individual animals due the weight of pressing human issues. If we are to retain our sanity as a species and secure a healthy global environment for our children then we simply cannot ignore the needs of the creatures that share our planet, recognise their capacity to suffer and their right to a life free from unnecessary harm and human exploitation. I hope most sincerely that this award will be an inspiration for the millions of caring people who support Born Free around the world and who strive, as we do, every day, to make our world a kinder, more compassionate place for all life on earth.” Will Travers, OBE

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