Talking at Birdfair

17-19 August 2018, Rutland Water.

Adrian was delighted to talk at this year’s Birdfair on Saturday and Sunday in the inaugural Wild Zone marquee. Sprinkled with interesting facts and anecdotes about the animals he films, the people and cultures he meets, Adrian shared the fascinating, unpredictable and amusing world he works in.

Picture courtesy of Rebecca Nesbit

Jointly promoted by the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, this was the 30th anniversary of the internationally respected British birdwatching and wildlife fair celebrating and conserving nature worldwide.
Situated in Rutland Water Nature Reserve, in the company of up to 25,000 waterfowl and iconic ospreys at the end of binoculars, the birders ‘Glastonbury’ is the place to be in August for all nature lovers. Vast marquees host talks on wide ranging topics from wildlife TV personalities, authors and conservationists. Others host bird and nature themed art, crafts, photography, trail cams, clothing, bird foods and feeders, wildlife watching holidays, specialist societies and books.

In short… a wonderful celebration of a shared passion.

To enquire about booking Adrian for a talk please contact David Foster Management.