Better Energy School Awards 2019

Along with fellow ambassadors Dermot O’ Leary, Naomi Wilkinson and Andy Stanton, and special guests Daisy Waterstone and Callum Woodhouse from ITV’s The Durrells, it was great to represent YPTE at this year’s Better Energy School Awards ceremony and play a small part in a very big day for all the fantastic finalists.

The annual Better Energy School Awards are a brilliant vehicle for nurturing creative environmentally themed projects in schools across the UK. Over 250,000 young people have entered projects over the years, guided by their inspirational teachers and linked with the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

To find out about the winning projects and how your school can get involved each year click here.

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE) is a charity that wants to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability. They want to give young people a real awareness of environmental problems, such as climate change, disappearing wildlife, the pollution of soil, air and water, the destruction of rainforests and wetlands, the spread of desert regions and the misuse of the oceans.