The Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted Lady

1 x 90 mins – BBC Four th-2

Filmed, Produced, Directed & Written for ITN Productions

First broadcast 10 Oct 2016

Feature length film about the longest butterfly migration on earth.

The painted lady migration has long fascinated scientists, artists and nature lovers alike. An unsung hero, it is a long distance traveller of epic proportions undertaking the longest migration of any butterfly species in the world. And it does so every year. 

Travelling from the desert fringes of north Africa, across thousands of miles to the UK and as far as the Arctic Circle, the extraordinary migration has never truly been unravelled. Observed, investigated and analysed by presenter Martha Kearney and entomologist Dr James Logan, groundbreaking techniques unlock the secrets of a remarkable insect.

How do they navigate? What role do the elements play? How are they designed to take on such a challenge? What happens high in the sky? All these and more are answered using cutting-edge technology, experiments, adventure, and the latest scientific research.