Panda Babies – ITV, BBC & Nat Geo Wild

1 x 60 mins –  ITV, BBC & Nat Geo Wild

*Over 30 million accumulative clip views on BBC Earth and across YouTube*

Filmed, Produced, Directed & Written for ITN Productions

ITV presented by Steve Leonard | BBC presenter-less narrated by Adrian (Above video)

“It was a truly powerful bit of TV, part of the story of life itself.” –Daily Express

First broadcast on ITV at primetime on New Years Eve 2015 

Hands up if you like giant pandas

Hands up if you like giant pandas.

Giant panda babies are one of the most iconic and recognisable animal infants in the world. With fewer than 2000 left in the wild the race is on to build their numbers up and three very different panda centres in China are doing just that. Panda Babies goes behind the scenes to reveal the remarkable secrets behind their success and follows individual panda characters from birth through the first year of their life. Using a variety of filming techniques to show pandas like we’ve never seen them before, this is a unique insight into the enchanting world of one of natures cutest animal babies.

All smiles for the camera

All smiles for the camera!

The programme was very well received by the press and viewers alike:

“ITV nearly shut down the Internet after viewers react to ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’ baby pandas. Don’t take our word for it, read these former NYE party goers…..” Daily Mirror

“It was a truly powerful bit of TV, part of the story of life itself.”Daily Express

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