House Martins to The Housemartins Music

Filmed on a murky, cloudy day flitting in and out of the eves of a London office these industrious little birds were busy starting a nest unnoticed by the metropolitan mayhem below. House Martins are small, zippy, colony nesting birds only 12 cm in length and weighing no more than an AA battery.

Every April, thousands arrive back in Britain after a long-haul flight from sub-Saharan Africa to nest on buildings. They began building homes on ours in the 19th century. Terrific architects, house martins relentlessly build their mud-cup nests with more than 1,000 beak-sized pellets of mud in around 10 days. A good year might see them raise up to three broods in their urban des res.

Music Credit: Build – The Housemartins