Adrian is an award-winning wildlife filmmaker, writer and naturalist.

He has travelled extensively filming, producing and directing natural history television programmes for broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Animal Planet and National Geographic, and has also produced work for various global wildlife charities.

Adrian is passionate about wildlife and conservation and has authored many of his own films, often to critical acclaim from the press and audiences alike.

His self-authored film Woolly Jumpers: Made in Peru, which he also presented, won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the prestigious International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF) in 2007.

Adrian has a broad knowledge of natural history and has spent weeks raising butterflies to film their life cycle, leapt into the unknown covered in biting driver ants, swum with seals and dressed up as a giant panda to blend in! Adrian has also been pooped on from above by disgruntled monkeys, deliberately run over filming wildlife exploitation, charged by elephants, slept with a deadly puff adder, and shower-danced with scorpions. He has been confronted in the middle of the night by an armed hunter, exposed illegal bush meat trade in South America and emptied venomous spiders from his boots. Closer to home Adrian likes to celebrate British wildlife on our screens.

He has contributed work to various wildlife and environmental charities including International Animal RescueApe Alliance and the Jane Goodall Institute and is an ambassador for the Young People’s Trust for the Environment.