Adrian is an award-winning wildlife filmmaker and naturalist who has consistently made popular and compelling programmes for television. He has also contributed work for conservation causes and wildlife charities.


Adrian has filmed, directed, produced, series produced and written documentaries for major TV channels including Sky, BBC, ITV, National Geographic, Channel 5 and Animal Planet, both independently and for numerous production companies. He has twice judged the natural history category for the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards, most recently for RTS West of England 2020.

As well as traditional natural history, Adrian often documents relationships between people and wildlife, showcasing the passion, commitment and challenges faced to protect a species and the wider environment. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, from Africa and South East Asia, to China, South America, the US and across the UK, crafting documentaries through the entire production process into final films and series for broadcast.

Adrian’s self-authored film Woolly Jumpers: Made in Peru (Animal Planet) which he also presented won a coveted IWFF Award at the prestigious International Wildlife Film Festival 2007. He worked on the 20 part series Jungle Babies: Tarsier Tails (Channel 5) that was award- nominated at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2013. Panda Babies, which Adrian made for ITN Productions (ITV, BBC Worldwide and Nat Geo Wild) has proved an internet sensation since broadcast, racking up over 30 million accumulative clip views on BBC Earth and across YouTube so far.

A passion for wildlife and conservation…
Adrian is a naturalist with a lifelong passion and broad knowledge of natural history. He has spent weeks raising butterflies to film their life cycle, leapt into the unknown covered in biting driver ants, swum with seals and dressed up as a giant panda to blend in! Adrian has also been pooped on by disgruntled monkeys, run over filming wildlife exploitation, charged by elephants, slept with a deadly puff adder, and shower-danced with scorpions. He has been confronted in the middle of the night by an armed hunter, exposed illegal bush meat trade in South America and emptied venomous spiders from his boots. Closer to home Adrian has a real penchant for British wildlife.

He has contributed work for wildlife and conservation organisations including the Jane Goodall InstituteApe Alliance and International Animal Rescue and is one of the presidents of the Young People’s Trust for the Environment.

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