Madagascar Moment – in Cornwall

Black-and-white ruffed lemurs are endemic to the island of Madagascar. There are nearly one hundred species of lemur and these are one of the big boys, dwarfing the more commonly seen ring-tailed lemurs that share their enclosure at this private … Continue reading

Panda Babies – ITV, BBC & Nat Geo Wild

1 x 60 mins –  ITV, BBC & Nat Geo Wild *Over 30 million accumulative clip views on BBC Earth and across YouTube* Filmed, Produced, Directed & Written for ITN Productions ITV presented by Steve Leonard | BBC presenter-less narrated by … Continue reading

Giant pandas back from the brink?

BBC Radio 4 & BBC World Service. Is the giant panda out of danger? Adrian recently appeared on the radio to discuss the news that China want a reassessment of giant panda classification. The giant panda will no longer be classified … Continue reading

Snow Leopards of Leafy London

Filmed, Produced / Directed & Presented A short clip from Animal Planet’s 7 part series Snow Leopards of Leafy London. Introducing you to the world of Dr Terry Moore and the Cat Survival Trust. For me, getting involved is one thing, … Continue reading

Lady Baboon

1 x 60 minutes Filmed, Produced / Directed & Written for NHU Africa  Showing on Animal Planet Australia & NZ. For Distribution and all sales enquiries please contact Banijay Rights Review from the Durban International Film Festival Rita Miljo lives with over 500 … Continue reading